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Okay, though I'm a bit shy in posting this (I don't know if I am good explaining or wording this).   Letting anyone know, you have my permission to paste this around, add more links, and even edit it.

Here's my reasons why I don't support ACTA.
For a bill that's suppose to prevent piracy, here's what it will do:

Destroy freedom of speech - Especially on the internet.

Under ACTA, the government and the elite will censor what they considered as 'Copywrite Infringement.' By shutting down sites. They will have control over the information and we would be in the dark(The government has been meaning ), this would effect news sites and information sites as well, since they can't spread and/or report.  Our blogs and online journals will be censored as well. All of this goes against America's Constitution of Freedom of Speech amendment.

Stifle trade, especially of generic medicines -

In seeking on how to protect brands from piracy under the name of patenting, ACTA will halt generic drugs, including ones that work. Developing countries, like Africa, will be doom since they need the cheaper generic medicine for treatment like HIV.

Governments will monitor internet activity -

The government will know who you are, what you do, even your medical records, and - Oh, lets say every aspect of your life. You and I won't have any privacy whatsoever.

Secrecy -

ACTA's origins are obscure, because in the government have negotiate it behind the peoples' backs and without our say. I see that as shady and worthy for conspiracy theory fodder.

It is SOPA/ PIPA version 3.0 -

What's worse, is that the pirates will slip through the cracks via loophole and it will harm internet users.  

Concerning NDAA -

From what I hear of NDAA, the bill will have the military and police detained American civilians, the arrest will even be without a warrant. They can even throw American civilians behind bars, even in foreign countries. On the whole it's bad news and I'm still trying to get what it is. These links will explain better than I can:… and… .

C-11 -

It's the Canadian version of SOPA.


I wished that I know more about the TPPA. Except it's another international censor bill, it will attack medicine trades, and free speech.  I add more articles that will explain in detail of how bad it will be and what it is in the Info links section.

On the Entertainment side -

The bronies saved Derpy, now to defeat ACTA and the rest of the bills.

Information links (References were I got the information from. Plus there's more information) -

What's wrong with ACTA (various links)…


ACTA is SOPA on steroids Youtube video:…

Daily Paul (There's a few more links and articles on ACTA):…

5 Things You Need to Know About ACTA (United Liberty):…

How ACTA will affect medicine (MS Faces website):…

Conservative Action Alerts, explaining what H.R. 1981: petitions.conservativeactional…

Stopp ACTA website:…

Companies that Support ACTA:…

Organizations/ Politicians that Support SOPA and Organizations/ Politicians that are Anti-SOPA:……: Assumed that the SOPA supporters are now ACTA supporters).

Utepprospector website, Controversial NDAA Law Sparks Debate:…

More News About NDAA, Mother Jones website:…

Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law youtube vid:…

Scoop's link, TPPA Bad News for the 99% of us:…

15 Reasons to oppose TPPA:…

Wikipedia link explaining TPPA:…

Gov. link explaining TPPA:

Tech Dirt, Publice Interest Groups Speak out about next weeks secret meeting Hollywood to negotiate TPP think international SOPA:…

Computer World UK link, Why Should We Care:…

Anime News Network link, Negima Akamatsu warns against changing Japan's copyright law:…

Anime News Network link, Japan to Join TPPA talks:…

Anime News Network link, Copyright Law Changes Wourld Affect Cosplay:…

Dearthey website/blog thingy: C-11

Read the C-11 bill,…

Saving Derpy website: and :iconsave-derpy:

Protest links -

Nifty Host Site (Heard they are now on Facebook):…

White House website has a protest link (I didn't know you could make a protest page in there):…

Change.Org protest link:…

Avaaz protest link:…

Conservative Action Alert Oppose H.R. 1981: petitions.conservativeactional…

Conservatives Action Alert: Restore our Fourth Amendment: petitions.conservativeactional…

Access Now's Say No to ACTA link:…

An Anti-ACTA e-mail to President Barroso:…

The above in petition format:…

Kill ACTA site:

Protest NDAA:…

Stop NDAA site:

Conservative Action Alert, a bill that repeals NDAA: petitions.conservativeactional…

The Petitionsite's NDAA protest link:…

TPPA, White House petition:…

CCER, Canadian Copyright Reform back with a Vengeance/ Anti-C-11 protest link:…

CCER, Canadians Only Please/ Contact the Goverment Anti-C-11 protest link:…, Protest Irish SOPA/ ACTA link:…

SPECIAL Petition: Conservative Action Alerts, Tell Congress: Honor and Uphold the Separated Government powers (This petition is suppose to tell congress to keep the power balance between the fed government and the people):  petitions.conservativeactional…

Petitioning TPPA links needed, please.

Petitioning IPRED links needed, please.

Conservative Action Alerts petition, Protest the Data Retention Bill (The bill sounds bad): www.conservativeactionalerts.c…

Save Derpy :iconderpyhoovesplz: Protest links -……
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lionessgirl2007 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
OMG -didn't think about COSPLAY -WTF! what would become of COMIC-CON and all the other Conventions like this one? " :tears: this is INSANE! INSANE! :chainsaw:

I will post this on my journal.
Is that alright? or is it copyright infringement and you're going to sue me? :laughing: I'm joking ;P
Xarti Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Student General Artist
I know right.

Yes you have my permission to post it up, lionessgirl. No, I don't think it's copyright infringement (I suspect that I might get in trouble with a grammar nazi for some mistakes).
lionessgirl2007 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
:laughing: Thank you - Danke schön (in German) :)
Xarti Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Student General Artist
You're welcome, lionessgirl. :)
TecuciztecatlOcelotl Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Don't forget TPPA

Xarti Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Student General Artist

There. Thank you, TecuciztecatlOcelotl.
LightAnimaux Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Derpy thing: I have Asperger's, and I think Derpy is awesomesauce XD Although, dunno if you can really consider her actions even remotely related to Asperger's... it doesn't make you act like Derpy, just sorta weird at times ^^
I don't really get though how it's offensive to anypony. She's just plain silly, and was named because of that.
Dumb haters.
Xarti Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh, I also have Asperger's.

I also know that Derpy's not what those PC people/ Derpy haters say she is.
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