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Sorted Wrong - Lillian Woods by Xarti Sorted Wrong - Lillian Woods by Xarti
Subtitle: Slytherin's doom.

I have this weird headcanon that Lilian was aiming to get into Gryffindor (Remember she thinks she's the hero), but since she looks down on other people (and even her own cousin, other women/girls, minorities, and LGBTQ, who disagrees with her), plus, she's a bit cowardly, and other personality traits that the Sorting Hat can see, but won't reveal puts her in Slytherin. She should've talk with the hat more instead of letting him sort her willy nilly. Her screaming that "She's not a Death Eater!" Is a reference to an old stereotype within the HP fandom and an old Twitter incident involving Tumblrinas calling Gamergate/Not Your Shield as Death Eaters.

Vivian (Red haired chibi) is in Slytherin, because she wants to be in the house that Ellie didn't get sorted into - Because of competitive reasons; I see Vivian as being hyper competitive with her older sister. Ellie is in Gryffindor, just cause reasons and being hyper competitive as well, who cares if she's a Late Bloomer, there's annoying little sister and her House to crush.

Heard that Scorpius has a thing for Rose.
Albus thinks that Slytherin won't win the next House Cup for some reason.

Note: I made this since I thought that it was funny that the Tumblrinas/Anti-Gamergators were calling Gamergate/Not Your Shield Death Eaters, thinking that we wouldn't catch on to what they were doing. So, GG decided to hijack the hashtag, meme it, and make fun of the Death Eaters thing and the Tumblrinas. 

I draw slow, so unfortunately, by the time I decided to get off of my lazy butt and finished it; the Pewdiepie and J.K. Rowling incident happened - I know she believes Team Hypnofritz, she's not checking to see if the other side is right/wrong, and is spreading smear pieces (A bit depressing that she's talking politics on Twitter, I feel bad for the HP fans who are being isolated by this). I decided to just upload this despite the fact that it's really a bit dated.

I won't say a thing much and don't be fooled by the fan art, but I'm siding with Pewdiepie, I've been mostly lurking in Youtube long enough to know and understand that he makes offensive jokes and PDP is harmless; by the end of the day he's just joking, making a satire, or proving a point. I also think that Team Hypofritz and all the Rita Skeeters of the news world are afraid that they're gonna end up as the poor people being served in the soup kitchen, because their creditability is dropping faster than the 1930s stock during the Great Depression. 

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Slytherin, Sorting Hat, Hogwarts, All things Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
I don't get it.
Xarti Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Sorry, she's just freaking out about being sorted in the wrong house.
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