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(Note: severely under construction as well)
Since I don't wanna copy :iconagentxhatake: too much, here's my own fandom versions. I would do the other versions (i.e. Nekotalia, color police, and such) as commissions/ art trades/ art requests.

1p - Main-verse.

2p - The Mirror-verse. These are the recolors of the main guys, unlike the rest of the fandom, I won't portray them as "psycho/homicidal." Why? Because real life is already dark, I'll use the 2ps for to represent real life, like news events and historical events, or when I need an extra guy to be alongside the 1p for whatever art/fanfic.

3p - Mochi-verse. This verse is were the cast is portrayed as mochi and other foods that are the equivalent of mochi.

4p - Genderbent-verse. This verse consists genderbend versions of the other personality-verses.

5p- Dinotopia-verse. These versions of the cast are humans that got stranded in the island of Dinotopia, where they are Enlighten (Compare to the other p-versions), speak Saurian (The island's tongue), live longer than usual (Thanks to Arctium Longevus herb), and gone native (Since their ancestors got stranded or the newcomers join the Dinotopia civilization). They are extremely different compare to the other Hetalia-verse players, like using weapons for ceremonial purposes, being vegetarian, and having dinosaur/prehistoric non-dinosaurs/ prehistoric reptiles as friends and the shipping is a bit different (i.e. N.Italy is still pals/lovers with the Holy Roman Empire...In 2016).

6p - Pokemon-verse. This is mainly the other-verses being as pokemon, mainly for Pokemon mystery dungeon reasons.

7p -

8p -

9p -

My Hetalia fandom Versions
For headcanon and art purposes. I'll do things differently, plus, you don't have to credit me (Since you'll be doing your own world expanding which are going to be wholly different from me and I'm a bit slow in getting my ideas off the ground).
Like with my Nyotalia name list, this is made for my Headcanon intents and purposes. (Note: Under construction)

America - Allen "Al" Jones
Austria - Roland Edelstein
Australia - Jared
Belarus - Natasha Arlovskaya
Canada - Matthieu "Matt" Williams
China - Yang
Cuba - Machado
Iceland - Egal
England - Oliver Kirkland
France - Nann Bonnefoy
Germany - Lutz Beilschmidt
Holland - Henry
Hong Kong - Tai Yang Chun
Hungary - Erzsebet Hedevary
N. Italy - Luciano Vargas
S. Italy - Flavio Vargas or Lovi
Japan - Kuro Honda
Latvia -
Liechtenstein - Leisl Zwingli
New Zealand - Tom
Mexico - Agueda
Russia - Victor Braginski
Spain - Andres Fernandez Carrideo
Switzerland - Voss Zwingli
Phillippines - Dulcinea (Needs surname)
Poland - Phoenix
Prussia - Klaus or Gillen Beilschmidt
Romania - Vasska
Ruslan - Latvia
Ukraine - Katia Braginskya
Vietnam -
Wy -


America - Jones
Austria - Johannah Edelstein
Belarus - Vladislav Arlovsky
Canada - Madison Williams
China - Chen Lien Wang
Denmark - Maike Kohler
England - Elinor Kirkland
Finland - Tanja Vainamoinen
France - Francine Bonnefoy
Germany - Beilschmidt
Hungary - Gari Hedervary
Hong Kong -
Iceland - Eydis Steilsson
N. Italy - Mariella Vargas
S. Italy - Chiara Vargas
Japan - Mameko Honda
Korea -
Latvia -
Liechtenstein - Hr. Zwingli
Lithuania -
Macau -
Monaco -
Netherlands - Alene Jassen
Norway - Louise Bondevik
Poland - Feika LUkasiewicz
Prussia - Julchen Beilschmidt
Russia - Viktoria Braginskaya
Seychelles -
Spain -Isabel Fernandez Carriedo
Sweden - Sylvia Oxenstierna
Taiwan -
Ukraine -
Vietnam -
Wy -
2P Hetalia Headcanon Names
Here's my 2P Headcanon name list. Like with Nyotalia, I will search through Hetalia websites/ wikis, and baby names for them.
Dan vs Twitter by Xarti
Dan vs Twitter
Subtitle: Trust and Safety Council POV: Ban every user, because they are Straight, White, Republican, Conservative Gamergate Trolls! They triggered us!

Second Subtitle: Anita Sarkeesian is part of this new censor happy group.

Twitter is losing stock, value, and customers. So their best idea is to hire the most censor happy, politically correct guys and groups for their new council. I'm just joking in the subtitle, but in a way I'm not, especially since I know these guys can't take a joke (Innocent or not) and will gleefully ban people right and left (And I figure to the TaSC, everybody who just disagrees with them or just joking with internet pals, ARE straight, white, Republican, Conservative, and etc.). First Twitter is unverifying/ banning conservatives, that's just the beginning, since they'll eventually ban those who will say the wrong thing (Whether it's political or not). Lastly, the Trust and Safety Council guys have a known history for being anti-free speech.

Twitter is Losing Customers:

Council not doing a Thing:

New Trust and Safety Council is Twitter's Version of 1984's Ministry of Truth:…

Twitter Unveils New Trust and Safety Council:…

Meme Generator:…


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Should I laugh or be afraid of myself?

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WHOOT! Aqua and Applejack, that must mean I'm somehow awesome!

What Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Character Are You?
What Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Character Are You?
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Unknown fandoms, let me know how good these are please, so I can read/ watch 'em, 'kay?

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Work For Points 'Stamp' by Nessarie
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Welcome to my practice page where I'll try to learn DA's tools. I need to figure how to make my page cooler.

Use this:
I copy and paste the Tumblr gif's link location/ URL on (Gif URL here) and viola.
Use this for YT vids (Place the YT vid's id (the ending numbers/letters of said vid on the (Here) and get rid of the spaces): <da: embed profile= "youtube"  id= "(Here)" >

I still need work, by the way, this Final Fantasy parody vid was made by the Fine Bros, I blame this vid for my weird Elrond x Asche ship, now I want Zidane in my party always, and thinking the vid is like Pokemon/Yokai/Digimon turning against humans (Wondering why the Thumbnail makes it more dramatic/ gory/ultra-violent than the vid really is?)


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